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Welcome to our new community here! I created this topic so we could all get to know each other a little better. Please let folks know what you’d like to be called, where you’re from, what you like to do, how you found my comics, and what you’d like to see here.

I’ll start. :slight_smile:

My name is Alex Woolfson, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I love telling action-romance stories with heroes who just happen to like other guys. I’ve been making comics since 2006 and, thanks to my awesome Patrons, this has been how I’ve made my living since 2015.

What would I like to see here? Well, one of the things I’m most grateful for as a creator is the wonderful, thoughtful community that’s formed around the comics. I love reading your speculation about what’s going to come next, your reactions to the big dramatic moments, your cheering for the heroes (and booing or cheering the villains!), and also just seeing how often y’all go out of your way to help each other and make the comments section on the webcomic site fun and engaging for everyone. Not all creators have that experience with their audience, and it’s a privilege I’m truly grateful for.

And now, with this forum, I’m opening up all kinds of new, powerful tools so y’all can have even deeper, more thoughtful and more fun discussions. You’ve done amazing things so far with a simple blog comment system on the webcomic site. I’m excited to see what y’all make our community here into.

OK. That’s me. Now it’s your turn. :smiley:


I’ll be first: I’ve been reading Alex’s graphic novels since Artifice…
Dave Fragments is a retired Chemical Engineer who lives in Western Pennsylvania on 4 acres, amid the deer, squirrels, turkeys, and the occasional Cthulhu visitation. I used to turned dirty black coal into dirty black oil and eventually clean white gasoline.


Welcome aboard, Dave!

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Hi all,

I’m Marianne (called Mari, Danish or Wolfie by my international friends), but I’m usually known by my username, DanishWolf. Always try to be that name whenever it is available on any community site I’m on (it is NOT me on Skype. Some dude in India ‘stole’ my name :wink:).

Well, if it’s not clear from my username, I am from Denmark. I was nearly 28 years old before I got to read my first webcomic 10 years ago, not to mention a gay/yaoi comic, when I finally got my own internet at home. After that I didn’t look back, both with comics and novels.
It’s me reading a lot of m/m comics that lead me to find Alex’s comic, Artifice, in its beginning, and I have been around ever since for that and now Young Protectors. You can often find me camping for- and commenting on the new YP pages. Something that also lead to me having been one of Alex’ mods for a few years now.
I have also been lucky enough to go to a US con twice, and meet both international friends + Alex (and his lovely hubby) both times. Something I’m very happy about.

I look forward to communicate with all of you on this new community, both about the comic but also about eveeything else we find interesting to debate/talk about. Should you have any issues with anything on the site, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I will do my best to solve it - or pass it on to Alex if it’s above what I can do.


Welcome, Mari! Glad to have you here! :slight_smile:


I tend to go by Angela or Eris. I really like media that portrays diversity that feels organic instead of it feeling like the point. I’ve seen too many things where the characters that were supposed to represent my friends felt two dimensional and alien. I like that these comics aren’t like that.

I don’t tend to comment a lot, but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading. I’m just the quiet one.


Hi Eris!

Welcome to the forum!

And thank you for your kind words. Representation matters a lot to me. It’s good to hear that it’s something you like about my work.

I hope to hear from you more. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I’m Nadin but usually I go by bronakopdin or just brona when I’m online!
Just today I got an email inviting me to sign a contract for dual studies, so starting this fall I’ll start a Bachelor LL. for social security law and work for the German pension insurance.
Before that I already studied Latin and Ancient Greek for almost 10 years until last March but had to drop out eventually bc my health and finances didn’t allow me to continue (I had to work half-day on the side).
But the “dual” studies will guarantee me an income while studying, even though it means I won’t have “breaks” as those will be when I’ll work already for the pension insurance ^^’
Though with financial stability and not having to study and work at the same time my 2nd try will hopefully be more successful :slight_smile:
I am reading M/M content since I was 13, started with BL related Manga, over some forums and webcomics to M/M novels.
TYP was one of my very first webcomics (only after reading that to it’s current state back in 2012 I found Artifice on the site menu and read it right after xD) and it’s still one of my absolute faves!
Alex also introduced me to Patreon and so I also pledge for 2 other comics now ^^
I always like to speculate even though usually I mostly voice my own first impressions and maybe reply to a few things people already said but then don’t come back until the next page went live x’D life is too busy >////<


Hallo! Ben here… (stands for Benoit [pronounced bunwa]) Science teacher from Belgium. I’ve been a comic addict since childhood, well bandes dessinées as we call them, and it’s gotten worse once I discovered comics, mangas and webcomics! I’ve been a fan of Alex’s work since TOUGH (has it really been 10 years already?) I don’t know yet if I’ll be a regular here, I spend too much times on the interwebs as it is! I’m glad to meet in good company with the Woolfpack and soon the other TyP readers (i used to be a fervent camper) so we’ll see… Tschüß


@bronakopdin Howdy Nadin! Congrats on the contract for dual studies! That’s so cool!

I’m so glad The Young Protectors was one of your first webcomics (back in 2012!). It’s been so much fun to have you as a reader; I always love to hear from you.

(And if you like to speculate, maybe you’ll be the first to post in #speculations-and-musings? :slight_smile:)

Welcome aboard!

@b3nc0 Hallo, Ben! Lovely to see you hear too! Ten years, wow! I always appreciate the shout outs you give my work, and I love reading your comments. I hope you are able to make a little time for The Young Protectors Community—you’re a great presence. The Community would be better for it. :slight_smile:



Hello! I’m Troy, and I live in DC with my husband and dogs. :slight_smile:

Didn’t really start reading comics until college, when I was bored during finals week freshman year and was intrigued by the spin rack. Read for about 15 years, but was turned off by the constant cross-overs and reboots. Tried to get back into them a few years ago, but it seemed the same problems were still there, except for the occasional e-comic.

Stumbled across a comiXology sale for The Pride, and didn’t realize there were comics primarily or exclusively :rainbow_flag: characters. From there, I found HamletMachine’s Starfighter, which led —through an ad — to TYP. Was hooked immediately, and then bought Artifice.

It’s so gratifying to read comics that have people I can identify with more, acting like real people with real romance and fun adventures.

Hope to be here for the long haul!


Hi Troy!

It’s so cool to hear your “origin story” with comics and The Young Protectors. Very glad you’re here for the long haul. I love having you as a reader.

It’s also cool to picture you in DC with the husband and dogs. I’ve seen you a lot on the Patreon site, but it’s really great to get to know you better as a person.

Welcome! :smiley:

(And give the puppies a scruff from me! What kind of dogs are they?)


H’lo all! I’m Elrohir (Or Aj, Tony, Hey You…). I have been a fan of comics for way too long to think about as I grew up on early Marvel storylines. I tripped into Artifice through my love of Science Fiction and was enthralled by Alex’s characters. And still am. I think it’s awesome that kids have access to a story where heroes are heroes and it doesn’t matter who they love.

To those of you who remember some of my interaction in the early YP discussions my sincere apologies for having gone quiet. Just too much going on. Looking forward to re-engaging. And Alex, thank you for so many hours of anticipation and entertainment. You seriously excel at the craft. All the best!



Howdy Elrohir! (Or Aj, Tony, Antonio!)

That’s another really cool origin story. And creating great stories with true heroes where it doesn’t matter who they love is what drives me, so I’m glad you dig that. :slight_smile:

I do remember hearing from you in the early YP discussions, and it’s great to hear from you again. Thank you very much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.


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They’re rescue dogs, so we don’t know for sure. One looks like a terrier/dachshund mix, and the other some kind of Tibetan spaniel mix. They were disappointed at lunch because the rain limited their walk, so a “scruff” might cheer them up! :dog2:



Hi guys! Madock Here.

I remember in the livestream Alex asked hot to pronounce it and I didn’t get a chance to answer before the topic changed. I go with the soft “a” like, Mah-dock. Tyler is also fine lol.

Got on board following Alex towards the end of Artifice. Accidentally outed myself funding the kickstarter way back in the day, but that turned out fine. Uh, I live in Mississippi at the moment and study comparative religion and cultural anthropology in university. My hobbies are video games, fantasy novels, webcomics, cooking, and studying/collecting occult stuff.

What I hope to see here? More of what’s going down in the webcomic comments I guess. Ya’ll are really cool people and more chances to talk with all of you about more things is always great.


Hi, I’m Ingonyama70, or 'Yama, or Curt if you prefer.

I’ve lived in San Francisco for 15 years and have never felt more at home anywhere.

I’ve been following TYP for what feels like forever, ever since the first prologue comic. I’ve been a superhero fan my entire life, with a particular love for classic X-Men and X-Men-adjacent stories from the 70s and 80s (aka the Classic Claremont era). It’s rare that I come across something that I can put on a pedestal with that stuff, but Alex’s work on TYP is definitely scratching that itch. :sunny:

I’m usually pretty socially awkward, but I really enjoyed being on the livestream and hope to do so again!


@Madock345 - Howdy Madock/Tyler! Thank you for the tip about how to pronounce your name—I’ll remember that! (And will try to not say Mah-duck, which is what my Vermonter tongue wants to turn it into!)

I remember you saying that you had outed yourself during the Kickstarter. If you want, I’d love to hear more about that story. Particularly because it seems to have had a happy ending. :slight_smile:

Interesting that you’re studying anthropology. My father was a linguistic anthropologist. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis definitely influenced my worldview growing up—and contributes to my belief that the stories we consume also powerfully influence the way we think about the world and ourselves.

Good to see you here! Welcome!

@Ingonyama70 - Howdy Ingoyama70/Yama/Curt! It was great to have you part of the livestream and it’s great to see you here too!

The “God Loves, Man Kills” arc of X-Men by Chris Claremont with its very clear pro-gay subtext showed me the power of what comics could be when I was growing up. Huge influence for me.

Welcome! I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather in San Francisco today!