About the For New Users category

Introduce yourself and get to know how this community works!

This is the place to ask questions about how to do things on this Site, both in terms of software how-to (e.g. “How do I turn my Reply into a New Topic?”) as well as etiquette (e.g. “Is it OK to talk about other comics on this site?”).

Let Folks Know When You Got The Answer You Needed

The For New Users and Questions and Answers categories have a special feature: “Accepted Answers.” If you get a good answer to your question, please click the :white_check_mark: check mark on that reply—folks will know your question got answered, that answer will be highlighted for all to see, and the reader who helped you will get rewarded with a special badge!

What About Other Questions/Comments?

If you have a specific question or comment about about the plot/themes/characters of Alex’s comics, the writing, the art, as well as how the team behind The Young Protectors story creates the work and makes their living as independent comic creators, then you should post in the Alex’s Comics category.

If you want to comment about a specific comic page, then you should make a Reply under the appropriate post in the Page Updates category. (And if you’re a $5+ Patron who wants to talk about Patreon-exclusive pages, then the Patreon-Exclusive Comic Pages category is your spot!)

If you want to talk about how to make and promote an LGBT comic, head on over to Making Comics.

If you want to talk about other creators’ comics, Other Comics is the place for you.

If you want to talk about life in general, we have a special, private category for Patrons and community members who have earned trust level 3 (Superhero) and higher called the True Fan Lounge. (Being a committed member of this community has its privileges, and this is one of them.)

And finally, if you have thoughts about what this site and community should be about, check out Site Feedback.

This New Users category is really just to help folks learn the ropes of this new community and how it works. You don’t have to be a new user to ask questions, though, and you don’t have to be a moderator to answer—there’s lots for all of us to learn, and if you can help a fellow user, then please do!

Don’t Forget To Introduce Yourself!

This category is also the place to introduce yourself to your fellow readers here. (I’ve even set up a Topic for you to do just that.) We’re a super-friendly, welcoming bunch, so don’t be shy—say hello and dive right in! :slight_smile: