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@alexwoolfson In retrospect, it was pretty funny. You probably remember that there was a pretty long time between the end of the kickstarter and when rewards actually shipped, I imagine you were having to deal with all kinds of hell in that time. Well, it was long enough for me to head off to college that summer, 2013, and forget completely that I had something coming that would arrive at my parents house. Since Kickstarter didn’t have my real name, the package didn’t either when it arrived. So my parents open it up to figure out what this “Madock” guy is sending to their house, and… well, I backed at a pretty high level, and got the full NSFW print packs, so my parents pop it open to find a ton of high quality gay porn. They ended up being pretty chill about it, which I expected, I mostly hadn’t told them just because I didn’t want to deal with them actually poking around in my romantic life, all the questions, not getting to have “sleepovers” with my friends anymore etc.

In retrospect, even without this incident I probably should have gone for the SFW pack. I still have all the printouts in a box and no idea what to do with them. They can’t really go on the wall, can they? :laughing:


@b3nc0 Is Tschüß a common way to say bye in Belgium, too? Interesting! And omg Belgium is so close for a change xD


That is a great story, Madock. Thank you for it, and the great support. :slight_smile:


@Madock345 why couldn’t they go to the wall? :sunglasses:
I mean I guess it also depends on your flat a bit. Of course I wouldn’t hang them in the entryway but if you’re comfortable with them and have a place where guests usually wouldn’t enter, why not? Another option might be the insides of some cupboard doors :smirk:


Hah, no, it’s not common at all, well there is a German-speaking area close to the border, but I happen to have lived in Germany as a child and some words just stuck :wink: (fyi as i lived near Köln i actually say tschö-öh) And yes, really next-door feeling, ne? We’re actually a bunch of Youropians 'round here, ain’t we?


Hello Hello,

I’m Tami or LLAP115 on tumblr, twitter, AO3 and patreon. that’s actually my fandom account that I made up relatively recently (in 2015) when i wanted to stop lurking and comment on stuff :revolving_hearts:

… without everybody else finding out what I’m reading in my freetime. ;D my other “internet identity” has been around since 1999 and is connected to my real name on a few websites; and while I don’t mind when my corporate clients find my german gaming channel on twitch - they sooo do not need to read my squeeing about Harry Potter fanfics on AO3 or my fanart on tumblr :rofl:

I’ll turn 38 soon (on 11 May actually, hence the 115) and LLAP has nothing to do with lap dance (like someone assumed in the past :rofl:), it stands for “live long and prosper” - i created my AO3 account the week after Leonard Nimoy died, and I had been thinking about him a lot during that time. So that phrase/abbreviation popped up when I was looking for a new account name.

I’m German, but have been living in France, close to the Belgium border, since 2007 - with a short stop back in Germany for a masters degree in terminolgy in Cologne/Köln actually!

At the moment, I’m trying to get back into illustration & story-telling and maybe comics, we’ll see :slight_smile: I wanted to study art… but also mathematics and ultimately astronomy, but i studied languages (translation) instead. but it’s never too late, eh?

scifi is my thing! so it was also HM’s Starfighter that brought me to TYP :revolving_hearts: and Artifice!!! OMGosh, such perfection :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I think that’s it?

Happy to meet you all!!

Salut & Tschüss, err Tschöhö!!


Hello, Tami!

Good to see you here! (And thank you for explaining LLAP—now that I know the history, it stays in my memory!)

Cool that Starfighter introduced you to my work. I remember when I ran those first ads. I went from like 250 readers to over 2500 in a month. :slight_smile: Lots of good overlap with our readerships, and Hamlet Machine is a total sweetheart.

It was a lot of fun being able to talk to you directly in my first Livestream. I hope to get to see you a lot more on here!

Tschüß! (And welcome!)



My name is Bobby and I’m 35 years old. I found Alex’s work through Tony Breed’s “Finn and Charlie are Hitched” comic when he suggested we check out “Artifice.”

I guess the most relevant thing about me is that I live in the town where “Double-Cross Chapter One” is at the moment. Pages 14-19(so far). I am an antique dealer that recently took over the shop my Grandma started here 11 years ago. I love living and working here even if it feels like I’m “the only gay in the village” most of the time. I also make/restore beaded jewelry from vintage jewelry that comes in the shop or I find at thrift stores and such. I think I must get my love of beads from my Native American heritage.

I guess that’s all I can think of for now.

It’s so nice to have such a fun and respectful community centered around the work of such talented individuals.

Bye for now,


Hi, I’m J. Kevin Carrier (Kevin, J. Kevin, or JKC is fine). I’m a lifelong comics fan, and an amateur cartoonist. I don’t recall exactly how I first stumbled across the Young Protectors, but it was love at first sight. :smiley:

Nice to meet you all!


Hi-ho! Lilly here, though I answer to Lilly, Lil, Copper or AJ, so any one of those is fine. Mostly a lurker when it comes to the comments section, though I tend to chime in now and again when I have some sort of snarky remark or (what I think is an) astute observation to make. I honestly don’t remember how in the world I stumbled on the comic. I think it might have been from a link featured on another webcomic page. Sounds like something I’d do.
I live in Pennsylvania in a region where we often get to experience all four seasons in one day. I’m a gamer, a geek, and an anime nerd and given my penchant for collecting things, might be part dragon. I write fanfic to stretch my creative muscles though the business card reads “Aspiring author.” At least that’s what I spent my college tuition learning how to do.
I cohabitate with my mom, our bird, our dog, and three cats, one of which belongs to my fiance, whom I got for Christmas, heheheh. She and I are looking to tie the knot next (not this coming) October.
Look forward to hanging out and hopefully chatting with y’all in the future. At the moment, though, going to be radio silence due to an upcoming convention.
Catch you on the flipside!


Howdy @bobbyjoeguy!

That’s cool to hear how you found Artifice. Tony and I have crossed paths at a few conventions, and it was kind of him to give me a shout out.

It’s wild that you are so close to the action of “Double-Cross.” Maybe leave the door open for Spooky, Flyboy, and Cory—they might need some shelter soon. :wink:


Hi @JKCarrier! Welcome! Always cool to know another artist is into our work. I’m really glad you stumbled onto The Young Protectors!

Very nice to meet you here too!

Hey @Lilly_Amadu! Part dragon, huh? With our awesome readership, I’m not surprised. Cool to hear that you’re a writer too. And congratulations on the engagement! Welcome and hugs!


My name is Klaus. I will turn 60 later this year. I am a Dane, and have lived in Denmark all my life. I live in one of the Copenhagen suburbs. I work as a software developer.

I have been into comics all my life. My main motivation for learning to read was to be able to read the weekly Donald Duck & Co comic book myself. Later I became a great fan of Tintin and Asterix. Superheroes are a small nice within the wide field of comics here. I did also read superhero comics, and was fascinated by them. I especially liked the Legion of Superheroes, who were occasionally featured in the Superboy comic book. Either X-men were not available in Danish, or the shops I went to did not carry them.

These days I follow only a few web comics.


Hey Klaus!

Good to see you here. :slight_smile: My parents got me into Tintin and Asterix when I was a kid. Pretty much every time I was sick, I’d get a new Tintin book. (Tintin on the Moon was a particular favorite.) Cool to hear you were into them too.

I’m glad that The Young Protectors is one of the webcomics you follow. It’s great to have you as part of our community. You’re this comic’s best historian, and I always enjoy reading your reactions to what’s going on.



Hello, my name is David Welbourn and I’m an unemployed gay Canadian man in my late 50s living in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario. You may remember me on some Discus threads. My main passions are food and interactive fiction, which you might know as text adventures.

I have a Patreon where I create walkthroughs for selected works on interactive fiction which is as niche a market as probably can be. If you’re even slightly curious about my work, my Patreon account is at patreon dot com slash dswxyz. If you want to know more about interactive fiction, just let me know. (Did you know the source code for all the old Infocom games from the 80s was recently released?)

Oh, and when I did have a job, I was a computer programmer. I coded in C, back when computers had A: and B: drives and all filenames were in 6.3 format.


Let’s try this way…

I’m positively antique, compared to some readers (70 next week, in fact), a long-term SF/F reader and somewhat less long-term comics reader (that happened when I discovered Doctor Who fandom during a wet sailing cruise in the 80s and followed that discovery by becoming a regular at London’s Forbidden Planet). Some decades later I found Artifice online, followed it to the Kickstarter and the rest, as ‘they’ say, is history…


Hello, I’m a long time reader/lurker, I am Jarikith… everywhere. If there’s a Jarikith mentioned anywhere on the interwebs it’s either me or about me. I’ve been reading Young Protector’s since the beginning, and Alex was the first person I ever supported on Patreon. He’ll be the first person I pick back up on supporting once my current change in financial situation gets resolved. I look forward to more great stories to come.


@dswxyz: Welcome, David! Good to see you here! Cool to hear that you create interactive fiction. In addition to the Tintin books, when I was sick, my parents would get me Choose Your Own Adventure books. I especially liked one that put me and my friends into Atlantis. And, of course, in the computer labs, I was rather obsessed with Zork… (All fun and games until you are eaten by a Grue… :wink: )

@Julian_White: Welcome, Julian! So glad you found your way to us through Artifice (and thank you very much for the Kickstarter support!) Interesting to hear that Doctor Who was your gateway to comics. I’ve seen Dr. Who comics in comic book stores, but haven’t checked them out yet. Maybe I should!

@Jarikith: Welcome! Cool to know you’ve been with The Young Protectors since the very beginning. Also cool to know I was your first on Patreon—thank you so much for your support. I’m glad to see you here, and I look forward to hearing from you more! :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

I’m Bill, though my Discus ID is Ulysses Paxton. I’m recently retired from a local newspaper. My interest in science fiction started with Edgar Rice Burroughs and John Carter, which explains the origin of my Discus ID. Now there are so many sub-genres in science fiction it’s hard to keep track of them. But then I discovered Artifice back at the very beginning and have followed it week by week.

It seems as though so many online comics last for a year or two and then fade away, never to be seen again. I’m glad Alex has been able to continue his series through the years. His characters have good backstories and are endearing. The plot lines are filled with twists and turns to keep us readers entranced. Just what you want in a good story.

Alex and his artist coworkers have made a great world for the Young Protectors. Now, when will they be in movie format?!? Either animation or live action?!? Any ideas, Alex?


Hey Bill!

Welcome! And thank you for all the kind words!

Very cool to hear about from where your interest in science-fiction got started, and how it led you to Artifice .

As for a movie of The Young Protectors , I’d love that, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I’m happy telling this story in comics. But if you know some Hollywood types, have them reach out. I’d be happy to talk options. :wink:

Good to see you here!


Hellooo everyone~ I’m Julia, otherwise known as JujYFru1T (joojee fruit ;D) and/or Jujy… basically everywhere on the internet for the past 12 years. I found Alex’s comics through a random google search in 2012 (excellent marketing~). I’m a millennial omnigeek, gamer, multi and polyshipper who has way too many fandoms/ships/interests. The Fruits Basket reboot has taken over my life, though. I’m a musical omnivore, fanfic writer, Nintendo nerd, piano noodler, bibliophagist, and I like to swim.
What else… I’m a twin (rip bro…) The intersection of video games and disability is a recent interest. oh-- permanently equipped with Boys Love/Girls Love goggles since 2004. ^3^