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Introduce Yourself Here

Howdy! Welcome to our new community here! I created this topic so we could all get to know each other a little better. Please let folks know what you’d like to be called, where you’re from, what you like to do, how you …

63 July 26, 2019
About the For New Users category 1 June 11, 2018
Launch 5 minute tutorial!

Hello, I’m the bot for The Young Protectors Community! I’m really good at doing things like moving posts around and otherwise making sure that everything runs smoothly on the TYPC infrastructure. I also offer a quick an…

9 April 20, 2019
Cool features of this forum software

This site is running Discourse—forum software that’s open-source, like Wordpress (which I use for my webcomic site.) Cool features I’ve discovered Here are some cool things I’ve discovered you can do here that you can’t…

2 January 19, 2019
Welcome to The Young Protectors Community! 2 June 11, 2018