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What Kind of Questions Are OK?

This category is for questions about the plot/themes/characters of Alex’s comics, the writing, the art, as well as how the team behind The Young Protectors story creates the work and makes their living as independent comic creators.

It’s a place for questions about Alex’s comics. If you have a question about this Site or how to do things here, then please post your question in For New Users, so everyone can benefit.

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Is there something specific about Alex’s comics you want to know about? Ask away! You’re almost certainly not the only one, and you’ll help turn this category into a collaborative FAQ. :slight_smile:

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Reading your speculations about the comic is one of the things I enjoy most about creating this work. It’s really motivating for me, especially since we have such thoughtful readers. And it’s even more fun for me when y’all get into an interesting discussion about it all. Have fun!