The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 19

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Bravo, Maestro, bravo!

And speaking of the Patreon page, something wild is happening! As a new reward for $5+ Patrons, I asked them to vote on their favorite panel from the uncensored pages, one that I would turn into a special mobile/desktop wallpaper reward for them. I’ve had these kind of votes before, but this one is the closest it’s ever been. Usually, I know in about an hour what’s going to win, but it’s been over a day and I still can’t tell! Right now, Page 16, Panel 1, Page 17, Panel 2, and Page 18, Panel 4 all have exactly equal number of votes. The poll ends on Sunday, and I have no idea which one will win! Crazy. 😀

So! Kyle gives Spooky a good review! (It’s always nice to get an attaboy from your best friend, am I right?) Was Spooky being honest when he said he’s only been with a few guys?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

P.S. With some creative zooming in, I was actually able to show a bit more of this page than I thought I was going to, 2 of the 3 panels. And because what these guys will be doing is going to change, I should be able to show a lot more on the next pages. Oral sex can be awesome, but it certainly is a challenge to censor! (The more you know… Shooting star…)