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I hope y’all enjoyed this first chapter of my fantasy-romance story, Fallen ! We’ll now be switching back to start Chapter 4 of [ *The Young Protectors: Double Cross* ](!

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And you don’t want to miss that, because I’m super-excited to share with you what I have in store for Flyboy, Teen Spooky and Amanda now that The Platinum Priestess is back in the mix! In chapter 4 of Double Cross , there’s fantastic action, drama, comedy and even a bit more romance. I’m really proud of these next pages, and I think you’re going to love them.

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So! The wizard is called Velliok the Wise! Why does that name sound so familiar? And what adventures lie in wait for Cory and Karthak as they step onto the Holy Path?

Tune in sometime in 2022, because Adam DeKraker is finishing up his break and we’ll be returning to begin Chapter 4 of our main Young Protectors’ arc, Double Cross! (After a short break, which I’ll tell you when we post this colored page next week!)

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Will it be Cory rather than Spooky who frees Anaado? Too bad we did not get to see Cory’s reaction to the name. Did Spooky tell him about Velliok and Anaado?

On a more pracical note, they set off without any provender or equipment other than the crook-spear. No camping gear, not even a change of clothes. Speaking of which, Cory’s clothes must still stink, at least to Karthak’s people.

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I believe “Oh, shit!” is the appropriate response.

Maybe Velliok can help him with his wardrobe. Spiffy dresser, as I recall.


Enjoy your holiday, Alex!

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Velliok… sounds familiar and als like a Bad Guy’s Na–
oh my god… oh my GOD WAIT that bastard Spooky had to fight!!!
reads comments y’all are way ahead of me, good on ya

Good questions, Klaus.

And yep. They were in an awful hurry, but there are definitely things that still need to be addressed.

He certainly had flair. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Nate!

Yep. :slight_smile: From the Spooky Jones: Past Sins arc.

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