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See, Cory? You’re back in your comfort zone already!

Please note: These are work-in-progress colors. Vero should get me the final colors soon.


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So! Almo actually said a nice thing about Karthak! We got to see some last-minute father-son bonding. And they are on their way!

Will Karthak be one of the few who survives being in one of the “old stories”? Or is Almo right about Karthak being the first to die? And if they are off to see the wizard, what kind of traveling song should they sing?

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Hope to see you there! :grinning:

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I don’t know what song our heroes should sing, but the agarros are going to sing “Who’s afraid of the Big Blood Wolf?”

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Ah, sarcasm at it’s very best! Oh, Alex? In this universe it may well be "we’re off to see the lizard. . .?)


The lizard of Aahz?



Ha! Quite probably, Klaus. But in a much, more minor key.

Ha! Good one, Bill. It might very well be.

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He, he, thanks! Not quite entirely original but that is what I picture down the road. We have already seen intelligent T-Rex’s, no?

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From an Alan Dean Foster novel I think! “pervect not pervert”


Robert Asprin (and/or Jody Lynn Nye), actually. The Myth Adventures books.

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Yep, I had a memory once. I think. I own two or three of them as well. Memory fades after the thousandth book read.

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