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So! Karthak tried wrapping both his cloak and his shirt around Cory, but Cory still was freezing to death! So, Karthak got on the hay next to Cory and then he…

Well, what is he doing exactly? And what, if anything, can Cory do about it?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :smiley:

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See Cory? You can move if you really want to.

“Get a grip, Cory,” Cory said on the previous page. It looks like Karthak has got it for him.


Time for cuddles!

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He-he-he, just foolin’!

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He just needs to be properly motivated.

Would you say “yes” to cuddles with Karthak?

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Yes, I would, lol!


It would seem that Karthak plans to wrap his wings around both of them. I think it’s unlikely that the wings themselves radiate that much warmth on their own, but perhaps they’re particularly good at containing any heat within their enclosure?

Cory, you’ll need to get a bit closer to the blue kid for this to work. Think of it as a medical thermal transfer. No, get even closer than that.

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Karthak’s wings look more bat-like than bird-like, but they might still be toasty! I bet he has higher than human temperatures for adaptive purposes~ y’know, if this planet’s temperature is colder than Earth’s. Maybe it’s just cold bc of the season. wonder what kind of seasons they have (or don’t)?

Karthak’s warm heart extends to every part of him.

Good question. Maybe Cory will be there long enough to find out…