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Guess it’s cold in the mountains…


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So! Karthak has brought Cory away from the disapproving eyes of his parents and into an empty barn! And Cory is finally speaking! But he still seems really wiped out.

Will he find a way to communicate with Karthak? What should he tell him if he does? And would Karthak even believe him?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :smiley:

Why is Cory so tired? He lifted much more weight for a much longer time in the story where he was introduced. Is the air thinner here? Or is gravity stronger? Maybe Karthak can fly on earth.

On second thought, if gravity was stronger, his thrown rock would have missed.


Long day?


A very long day. With using his powers more than he ever has, and after a long hiatus.

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Mm-hmm, the sheep haven’t gone far. Just took a detour into a Kokomogo’s stomach :B
Meanwhile: Karthak, your pet needs a blanket! Maybe several!!! and yeah, being dragged around all day is pretty exhausting. but so’s whatever self-preservation sonic boom Cory pulled off.


What he did to save Mitch was the greatest amount of power he’s ever consciously been able to summon. And then he needed to fight some lauging dinosaurs…