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Shout out to Kate G in the comments. Based on Panel 1, it looks like Pati heard you!

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So! Karthak gets going while the going is good. He exits stage-right before his parents can change their minds.

Mati wasn’t happy, but what’s this about Karthak not having any friends? And why don’t young people think they will be alive three winters from now?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! (Or, at least, find out something !) Hope to see you there! :smiley:

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Urk! That is a bleak outlook.

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Wow, guilt trip much. Are these folks refugees?

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They are not refugees. They have been safe in their mountain village for some time…

Wow. This realm really is in dire straits. I dunno how these folks measure age, but it seems like Karthak’s friends are finding mates awfully young, based on how Pati talks about it. And if the world weren’t what it was, they might not be doing that. eyes emoji at Urk-Gagor I wonder who they are…
(PS I voted by mail and I’m just trying to breathe now ^_^U thank goodness for this comic and a lot of other things)

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Yep, Karthak’s people are definitely in a tough spot.

We will find out about the Urk Gagor soon enough. :slight_smile:

And thank you very much for voting! You rock, Julia!

(Oh, and just a heads up – you posted this under page 16. I moved it here.)

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