The Young Protectors: Fallen Chapter One—Page 11

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Why do I get the feeling that someone is going to be in traaaa-bul?


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So! While Adam takes his 8 week break, we are now able to continue with Cory’s story in Fallen Chapter One! Veronica Gandini continues her amazing coloring work with this comic, but let’s all please give a warm welcome to Fallen penciler Gabriel Mayorga in the Comments!

Welcome back, Gabriel! So good to see your work again!

And what are we seeing here? Karthak has dragged Cory back… where? And to whom?

Cory still seems pretty knocked out. Will he be able to escape from these monsters? And, if so, where would he run to?

And what did happen to Karthak’s sheep?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :smiley:

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“Someone threw away a perfectly good white boy!” :smirk:

Welcome, Gabriel!

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The introduction page of FALLEN IS here:

That’s for all of you who, like me, have to re-read and review the first 10 pages.

Much appreciated! :smile_cat: The-read was just what I needed.

Ooh, Gabriel’s pencils look great; honestly, even better than I remembered. I look forward to the finished, Vero-colored page!


He considers him an animal even though he is wearing clothes. Will speaking convince him that Cory is no animal? Is the talking T rex considered an animal?


Quintessential question eh? “Where are YOUR sheep?” Love it. Now, next? gah! Hate waiting!

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I don’t think Cory Alvarado would agree with that description. :slight_smile:

Gabriel is now working digitally on the lineart for these pages. (Before it was always pencil and paper.) I’m also really liking how they are turning out.

Good questions. In the first version of the script, I went quite a bit into the reasons for why they think that. But I found it slowed things down too much. So, we get some reasons in the upcoming pages, but a full explanation will have to wait.

To answer your last question, though, the laughing T-Rexes are definitely considered non-persons by Karthak’s family.

You won’t have to wait long. New page up tonight! :slight_smile:

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True, but “throwing away a perfectly good Latino boy” isn’t the quote. :slight_smile:

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I find that really, really wierd. He is obviously white. Just look at him. A blue skinned person not familiar with the catagories used on Earth might call him pinkish orange, but to a real life human, he obviously belong in the white catagory.

In her book My Imagined Country, Isabelle Allende discribes her bafflement when a US census taker refused to catagorize her, a Chilean of Scottish and Spanish descend, as white.

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I can’t speak to Isabelle Allende, but Cory Alvarado is Mexican-American. He identifies as a person of color, not white. (As he indicates in the page I linked to.) Neither his skin nor Spooky’s nor Amanda’s is as dark as Paul’s, but all four are people of color. And they would be baffled if someone called them “obviously white.”


AAAAAAAAAAA Cory and horn boy are back!!! On the one hand yay, on the other hand, aw heck now I gotta wait to see if Mitch and Past!Spooky are in danger. I do remember being similarly :frowning: when Fallen’s preview ended, though, so I’ll get over it ;)))
was about to say lololol are Karthak’s sheep the talking dinos, but nope, the sheep just got eaten by one.
Karthak’s dad (?) ain’t happy and Karthak’s just, “come on pleeeasseee” ahahaha

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I think you’re going to find this one fun, Julia. :slight_smile: