The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Two—Page 29

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Remember your manners, Spooky — what’s the magic word?

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So! What would have happened to Spooky if he had just charged through the front door, like he originally intended? Who’s that manning the cannon? And will Flyboy let Spooky use violence?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :grinning:


To paraphrase Archmage Theodore Diggers (among others):

Violence is not the answer… violence is the question.

The answer is YES.


“Mr. Van Dumas, I presume.”

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While it is surprising to see a canon pointed at the front door, it is nice to know that caution really was called for.
I do have a question about what hasn’t been revealed behind the cannon and in the sanctuary and altar of the church.



I know it’s a typo, but you should leave it. Too funny. :grin:



Hah! Chalk one up for Prudence. Whoever she is!

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This is even a question?

Love it! Would never have caught it or called it! Dave? Patience Grasshopper. Sensi Alex has yet to reveal the knowing all!


Could be… :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’s nothing of note. :wink:

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I find it difficult to believe the cannon was set up with unwanted interlopers like Spooky in mind (unless someone has clairvoyance), so I have to assume that the target of the cannon is for someone that was expected to show up, like another cultist. As we’ve been told, crazies don’t like to work with each other, and maybe that means they have a tendency to kill each other when they cross paths.

A cannon is pretty darn unusual, though. I’m almost 60, and the only cannons that I’ve ever seen are non-functional ones set up in parks as memorials, plus one in front of an army surplus store. And those things are really heavy too. You’d have to have magic, superstrength, construction machinery, or a power like Mitch’s to move it even an inch, let alone getting it into a building.

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That would have been quite the surprise. Good thing Spooky listened to Mitch.
yes ok time to do a violence now let’s gooooooo

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A very reasonable theory. :slight_smile:


Even Teen Spooky thinks so too. :slight_smile: