The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Two—Page 22

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Spooky doesn’t have any mind control powers. But he can look (and sound!) pretty scary when he wants to!

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So! Spooky gave in to Ambrosia’s demands! (With a few caveats.) And she’s now shown him… what? What is that symbol? And why does Flyboy have such a huge reaction to it?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀



I don’t remember that symbol and am hence just as surprised that Mitch of all people seems to connect it with sth else :joy: but in a way I guess that’s a good thing? Maybe i just got public and remembers from the news in the future? Either way it can be just as good a sign as a bad one… :sweat:


What sorcery is this? Color in the pencils!


LOL IKR? Spooky really IS the most powerful magus!


Is that the symbol that was on Duncan’s arm?


Uh, her “oh shit” moment Alex? I would!

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That was a good deal more complicated,

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So Mitch has seen the symbol in the future.
I wonder if the future events dovetail into this affair with Ambrosia Van Dumas’ brother?

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We actually saw that symbol in Chapter One. :slight_smile:

Cats and dogs living together!

(I’m the one who creates the lettering, so any colors you see there come from me, before Vero sends the colored page.)

Thank you for those links, Klaus!

Especially if you’re not familiar with magic!

Hmmmm… :slight_smile:

Found it. It’s cut in the kid’s arm:


that glowy eye thing is new :o also didn’t expect Mitch to recognize whatever that symbol is scratches head

Yep. :slight_smile:

It’s new to Teen Spooky, too. It’s unlikely he’s tried to use his magic to intimidate a client before.