The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Three—Pages 80-81

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Here there be dragons…

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So! Spooky’s final monster is the biggest and most dangerous by far! It’s a savage dragon and it’s already wrecking the place! The Man was able to destroy the worm by touching it with his cane, but this creature can fly!

Will this beastie finally give Spooky the time he needs to save Daniela? Will it even listen to Spooky? And, most importantly, what will you all name it?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

Puff the magic dragon. It is magic, and it is by the sea.


regretfully Puff has a very unfitting meaning in German so I sadly disagree :see_no_evil:

Again I don’t know how it came to me but I feel this guy’s name is Ragnar


I thought Savage Dragons had fins on their heads?


Smaug II?

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Also, there is “piff the magic dragon”. LOL. Hilarious on AMG. Sound effects (sort of!) and a great costume.

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That is true. :smiley:

Short for Ragnarök?

stands up on chair and yells/claps/etc IT’S A %@&#%#&$ DRAAAAAGOOOOOOON LET’S GO!!! OMG IM SO HAPPY will it last tho eep
and I’m bad at names, but… hmmmmm… Ah! Hela. nods sagely Definitely Hela.

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I know two people called Ragnar, one immigrated from Denmark and the other has Danish ancestors.
I can’t say if it’s a name common only in Denmark though. As for Ragnarök: It might very much be related but I’d have to research :joy:

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Funny how everyone suggests names that have… funny/strange meanings in German :joy:
Over here Hela is a ketchup brand :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


For the record:

Ragnar comes from the Norse: Ragin (counsel) + hari (army or warrior)
Ragnarok also comes from the Norse, but different roots: Regin (gods) + rokr (fate).


well! turns out the dragon’s a boy anyway, so Hela won’t work ahaha, i was thinking Marvel’s godess of death had an appropriate name~

Now, so am I, Julia! :smiley:

Let me know what you find out, Nadin.

Ah, we have our answer! Thank you, Nate!

Maybe there’s a way to masculinize it. Hel…OH? HELLO!