The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Three—Page 11

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Whatcha going to say to that question, Mitch-y?


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So! Spooky’s friend is Amanda, also known as Commander, Flyboy’s team leader in the future! But what is she now? What can Mitch tell her? And what is she doing there?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you then! :grinning:


To answer or not to answer, that’s the question. I doubt he’d straight out lie, rather he’d be like “sry, can’t tell you for reasons”. Or maybe he’ll really answer? Somehow I really can’t judge it :joy:


Don’t worry, Spooky. Some folks like only like sport models, but some of us love comfy luxury rides too. :slight_smile:


In one way, LMBO. In another, Uh,oh. He can’t really tell her all, can he. He has only told her what she already knows for the most part. Damn paradoxes anyhow! OH, wait, it already worked out, didn’t it, I mean, wait, uh, lost, uh, it already happened, she’s herself in the future so flyboy was already in her past or, uh, never mind, lost.

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My theory is that she is preparing to start up the team. Maybe she has not said anything to Spooky yet. But she has chosen a logo. That is why she is so interested in that gadget.

We will soon find out!

Spooky doesn’t look too worried to me. :slight_smile:

An interesting theory, Klaus. :slight_smile:


Why Amanda, it’s one of those communicator badges that summons the Woolfpack. We’ve all got one around here somewhere. I think I left mine in my gym bag.


Good to see the Kotari mentioned again. I’m unsure if that’s in preparation for a future storyline or just a useful resource to dip into every now and then.

I’m rather surprised that Amanda says she can’t read Mitch’s mind well. During the battle with the Annihilator and the Platinum Priestess, she was relaying what Mitch was seeing from his eye-in-the-sky viewpoint to the other team members. And wasn’t she also able to tell Mitch was unconscious when they were all in electro-restraints? Perhaps she got better at reading Mitch’s mind as far as his sensory data is concerned, but not what his inner voice is thinking?

Wonder if she recognizes the communicator or the logo as something she’s already thinking about making. Bet if she does, she isn’t going to say she does.

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mah boyyy is the best soft boyyyyy
and I’m so hapy to see Amanda I have nothing interesting to say this time XD

If only, Kevin… :slight_smile:

It’s a good question, David.


And I’m glad you’re happy to see her. It’s fun to show another teenage version of the adult heroes. :slight_smile: