The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Pages 56 and 57

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So! It looks like cracking the artifact generated some kind of shock wave. That I expected. But what are all those things popping into existence? And what will they do to our heroes?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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As the old song goes: Once you pop…

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Massive heartfelt groan.

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Ha! That’s a fun image. Glad you’re looking forward to what’s next!

I suppose they could all be Pringles…

What do you think is going on, William?

Well, as usual, I failed to predict this. I have no idea what this is. Yes, it’s a sphere, so there’s a slight chance that this is the Sphere Celestiale that Spooky wants to find (first mention:, but it would be a heck of a coincidence. Those Tic Tac sprinkles don’t look like representations of stars to me.

I really don’t know. Maybe those things are portals as someone else suggested. Could be the eyes of a thousand angels about to see who’s disturbed their slumber. Maybe they’re Tholian ships about to weave a web around our heroes, trapping them inside. Maybe this is Purgatory’s idea of an IKEA catalogue and we’re all gonna get bombarded with ads for the latest fjords. Maybe this is a large astral teabagging. We just gotta wait ‘n’ see.

Also, you have to wonder how many of the kids back at the car are using cell phones to upload to Instagram, etc. pictures or videos of what they’re seeing. ExSec is gonna love this.

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It’s that punchline, “once you pop, you just can’t stop”. Great pain! Arghhhhh! As to what’s going on? The blood magic may well have opened the portal(s) for a form of “para-demons” to come to the aid of PP and friends to help open a larger door for someone like Kyle’s daddy. Really hope not!

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welp. puffs on pipe there are too many holes to plug in this here boat
aaaa but this is REALLY BAD. Instead of just one portal to who knows where, now there’s…? whatever, one was bad enough!!! what if they’re ALL space vacuums?! Or each one is a portal other worlds, or various levels of hell??? anguished flailing

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Still loving your speculation, David. My favorite is the Tholian web.

The Platinum Priestess’s plan was to take them from their beds. Of course, it’s quite possible one of them snuck a cell phone under the covers that night.

Oo. I like that speculation too. :slight_smile:

All will be revealed in the next few pages!