The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 41

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Apparently, this isn’t The Platinum Priestess’s first rodeo…

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So! Cory gets to impress his boyfriend. And The Platinum Priestess is free again. This fight is like a roller coaster!

Has Spooky had time to come up with another plan—or was “turn The Platinum Priestess into a weed whacker” the last trick up his sleeve? What will The Platinum Priestess do now that she’s free? What do you think she’ll want to do to Spooky now?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :smiley:

Spooky should have thrown her through the gate. The gate may be programmed to close once one person has passed through. If not, she may have closed it when she saw what was about to happen.


Oh darn, couldn’t she have waited until all the kids are save? The older ones really never have time or patience, do they? x’D
Now let’s hope Spooky really got sth else up his sleeve >///////<
Also I gotta say I really love that smile on Mitch’s face that we can see from the side here ^^

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Dammit, Cory! You caught Murphy’s attention!

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It’s a good suggestion. A bit risky bringing her so close to him as she exits the stage.

And, of course, there’s the good chance it would kill her.

She definitely has things she hopes to accomplish. Soon.

I really like that too. He’s proud of his guy. :slight_smile:

Murphy is paying very close attention to our heroes right now.

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The Platinum Priestess is not going to go away quietly or without a fight.

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I assume the intent of Spooky’s ectoplasmic constructs informs the apparent physical properties of them?

I’m not sure if Spooky was thinking of a bungee cord or a rope or a plant vine when he created those tether lines, but since those real world items could be easily severed by a good blade, that’s why the Priestess’s staff was able to slice the magical analog. But if he had instead envisioned tempered steel chains, I assume his green chains would be likewise as strong? His magic chains somehow seemed to hold Velliok for a few minutes, but maybe Velliok was just playing along with his capture.

Regardless, I hope that while Spooky was playing whack-a-tree using Sircea as his mallet, he has also managed to get a bit further away from Jupiter?

I can’t make any good guesses what either of their next moves might be. I do think there might actually be some conversation between the two of them, though. I suspect Sircea wants to get something off her chest and I don’t mean her bra.

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I trust that she would be able to save herself.

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Go Cory, go Cory, go dances awkwardly aaaaa i love how dynamic this page is!!! Everyone’s being awesome even the people i don’t want to win ahahha~
OH NOES PP is free!!! I still don’t know where Spooky is (still need mah boy to not get yeeted)!!! And Cory got a great shot in but since PP stopped hitting herself with a tree he might be in trouble DDD:

That’s a safe bet. :slight_smile:

I really like your analysis here, and yes, his intentions (and imagination) absolutely do matter when it comes to his constructs.

He was thinking “vines” when he created those tether lines. And we’re about to find out how chatty The Platinum Priestess is feeling. :slight_smile:

Everyone deserves their moment to be awesome. And The Platinum Priestess has been creating those moments for thousands of years. :slight_smile: