The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 34

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Just a fly in the ointment. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the ass. Right, Priestess?

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So! Spooky isn’t spaced… yet! But it looks like he’s hanging on by a thread (or vines or whatever…) Will those be enough to keep him safe? The Platinum Priestess seems pretty angry—do you think she might have another trick up her (now-tattered) sleeve? And even if she doesn’t, how is Spooky going to get out of this predicament?

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Maybe Spooky could find a chewing gum company to sponsor him.


Spooky did take advantage of corporate sponsorship for a couple years, but in the end, he found there were too many strings attached. :slight_smile:


I see Spooky knows the “Thwipp” spell. :slight_smile:


Those ropes or vines things remind me of a slingshot I used to have when I was 7.
I remember MYTHBUSTERS testing human-sized slingshots reportedly used to fling people over the border in the Southwest USA. That MYTH failed as I recall. It’s the sudden stop of the landing that hurts…


Gravity sucks! Inertia and mass are constants. Yes?


Love the page Alex! We see that tho young comparatively, he is indeed battle hardened!!


In the real world - - I’m not so sure about the magic world and its multiple dimensions


Love the Die Hard reference. :star_struck:

Also loving how our artists have rendered PP in this iteration. She’s definitely changed since last we saw her - and that last version was pretty awesome! I like the modifications they made yet there is no question it is still her, in a newer and more terrifying mode.


Spooky is salt in PP’s sugar container. :blush:

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While I’m very glad to see that Spooky has avoided a trip to Jupiter – somehow I never thought of creating anchor lines to the trees – he’s now in the perfect position for the Priestess’s other favourite trick: a force blast from her staff. Possibly she’s too mad right this second to think of doing something else, and possibly Spooky can create an ectoplasmic shield to block the blast. In which case, that round of combat is negated and the Priestess will definitely try something else.

Question: What will the Priestess’s new attack be if it’s not a force blast or a portal? Replace Spooky’s clothes with a tuxedo? She could do that.

Question: How will Spooky get back on the offensive from here? Does he have any potion bottles for this occasion?

On an unrelated note, what did Spooky do with the laser bear when he, uh, took care of it? Is it back in a bottle? Can Spooky put the Priestess into a bottle?


And I see the connection you’re making there. :slight_smile: Peter and Spooky would definitely get along well.

Ah, Mythbusters… One of my favorite shows of all time.

This certainly isn’t Spooky’s first rodeo, so you don’t want to count him out too quickly. Glad you like the page, William!

One of my favorite movies of all time…

I agree. I love how Adam is drawing her, and I’m really liking Vero’s colors, especially with The Platinum Priestess’s hair. :slight_smile:

And he would have it no other way. :slight_smile:

There’s a scary thought…

Ha! Yes, we already know that is within her skill set!

All very good questions. :slight_smile: