The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 33

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When you can open a Gate to anywhere, you have options…

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So! Spooky attack with big hammer! Priestess send Spooky to space! That could be a problem for our favorite paranormal investigator, since he doesn’t have any teleportation powers, and can’t even fly.

So… what happens to the human body in the vacuum of space again?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


Oh dear. I knew the Priestess wasn’t going to pull her punches either, but I wasn’t expecting this. And assuming Spooky can survive and return to Earth — like, of course he will, I just don’t know how, maybe something in that coat can help him? Can he cocoon himself in an ectoplasmic spacesuit? — getting back to a specific cemetery in Oregon might take him some time during which the Priestess might do anything to Mitch and Cory.

Y’know, I can see better why Spooky said the local Ex-Team isn’t going to show up right away.

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Oh wait. Fluke can save Spooky! By lucky chance, aliens will save Spooky! Please, please, please… :alien: :space_invader:

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Is THAT the Big Red Spot of Jupiter I see?
Yes, it IS the Big Red Spot of Jupiter!


Belatedly, I’m just realizing that Jupiter itself might be helpful somehow, with its astrological and alchemical associations. According to one Wikipedia article:

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is associated with the principles of growth, expansion, prosperity, and good fortune. Jupiter governs long distance and foreign travel, big business and wealth, higher education, religion, and the law. It is also associated with the urge for freedom and exploration, as well with gambling and merrymaking.

Emphasis added by me. :slight_smile:


By lucky chance, aliens will save Spooky!



Well… Iuppiter (Zeus) was the highest of the Ancient Roman (Greek) gods… and it’s the most massive of all the stars in the solar system, right? There must be some kind of advantage? Maybe? WILL SPOOKY EVEN SOMEHOW BE ABLE TO BREATHE THOUGH!!!

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NOPE NO GO SPLODEY PEOPLE IN MY COMICS PLZ (the literal worst kind of body horror which i already can’t stand) ((no worries Alex i feel safe with ur violence threshold lmao))
WTF?! PP has definitely leveled up since we saw her last. I’d love to know what gave her that ability tbh, it’s so badass(my plotbunnies are happy about this hmm)
well he’s thiiiiss close to passing through the portal, maybe he’ll pull something off/something else happens at the last minute??? maah booyyyy better not get yeeted into space >:(

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Exactly. They wouldn’t stand a chance against her.

Ha! Maybe…


Yeeting is always an option.

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First preview page is now up :slight_smile:


I think I saw an article somewhere that the Red Spot is actually shrinking now?

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You know, people keep calling it a hammer when it actually looks closer to a mallet.

I think mallets used to be fairly popular in cartoons.

I think this is my favorite page from this chapter so far. The line work is fantastic and the color differences between each panel both help to tell the action and the story in such short space. These could all be considered iconic panels.

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I think mallets used to be fairly popular in cartoons.

An indication of what Spooky enjoyed in his forgotten childhood, perhaps.

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