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This is going well…

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So! Flyboy might not be comfortable sharing his feelings with Teen Spooky, but he can give him the reasons he won’t share his feelings! Still, Spooky doesn’t seem very convinced.

Should he be? Is Spooky out of line to question those reasons? What does he really want here? What does Mitch really want? And are either of them going to get it?

There’s a robust discussion about this in the Comments Section below the previous pages. It seems folks have a lot of thoughts about what the right thing to do is here. And the wrong thing.

But where is this conversation actually going to take our heroes?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀



Wow, what a kettle of worms to speak about. Time paradox. I think that sneaky Alex fellow will allow this to happen as if it already happened in current time. They are together and seperate for some heroic reason that leaves “Spook’s” hurt in some battle that affects his memory. Uh, maybe?

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Clearly, the answer is a threesome. Or maybe a sixsome…


You got the right idea, Nate, lol!

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I’m reminded of another time we saw an interaction like this, but it was between Spooky and Anaado, and we all remember how that turned out… :face_with_peeking_eye:

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polyamory coughs i mean what (maybe in another another timeline~)
oh man. oh geez. Spooky’s face and words in panel 5 kill me.