The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Four—Page 124

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Miss Cassidy Louise Browning, Ladies and Gentlemen…

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So! Flyboy just left Cassidy and the kids, and flew away to fight the demon. And now Cassidy herself takes off!

Will a hurting Flyboy be able to get to the demon in time? Where is Cassidy going? And will Young Paul and Young Kyle actually be ok on their own in the middle of this infernal battle?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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And this is how Spooky lost Cassidy.

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You know, I don’t think so? If he had, he might have mentioned that he lost someone during the blanks in his memory. That being said, I’m not sure WHAT she’s doing, unless she happens to have Annihilator on speed-dial.

(Or is secretly Sircea. Have we ever seen them together?)


You are no doubt right about the first point. The second is very interesting.

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If I remember correctly, Cassidy’s surname was Moore, not Browning. Does she get married before something so bad happens to her that even Corey knows about it?

Also, I think it was said that Cassidy also forgot what happened during the missing weeks. So Cassidy survives this encounter unless we’re changing history.

Also also, what exactly did Cassidy pull out from her purse? A short rose? Unless she’s a witch, I don’t see how a rose can help in this situation, And she claimed not to have powers, but maybe she’s fibbing?

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