Starfighter by HamletMachine

Starfighter is a science fiction comic done by the very talented Hamlet Machine. It is an 18+ comic. There is nudity, sex, abuse of power, dodgy COs, hot boys, adorable boys, drama, problematic faves, blood, dubious consent. You can see how the art changes over time as Hamlet grows as an artist.

Follow Abel on his tumultuous journey after joining the military as a Navigator and paired up with his Fighter partner Cain. Cain has some issues and scars Abel after meeting him to let others know that Abel is Cain’s. This causes some drama with others. They are fighting a bug like race called the Colterons. Their ship, the Reliant, has been modified with a piece of Colteron tech which is part of a Shady Plan implemented by their Commanding Officers.

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Nice to see you breaking the ice in this category, Doki! (I knew it wouldn’t be long before you got promoted to the upper levels in the Trust System. :slight_smile: )

HamletMachine was actually the webcomic creator I reached out to for advice before posting Artifice. She was super-helpful at the time, and then after I had launched, advertising on her site gave me a huge jump in my readership in the 3rd month.

HM is awesome. One of the sweetest creators I’ve ever met. :slight_smile:


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AH, Sorry I missed an update!

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I feel bad that I have seriously slacked on keeping this updated.

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Okay. Sorry for being a little late with this. I had to suddenly move. I knew we would probably end up moving eventually, but things happened and we had to start moving ASAP as there was no longer any water at our house.

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No worries, Doki. I hope your move went well. Are you OK?

Yeah, we are fine. The bank sold part of the property that used to be owned by my grandmother, and the new owner of that property tore up our water line (and refused to fix saying it would have needed to be moved anyway) so we had no water at the house. We are in the process of moving into mother’s house. It helps that they aren’t that far away from each other, but the off road driving is a bit rough. (Mother doesn’t currently have a driveway and he put a tree over the way she was using) I was honestly expecting to have to make the move eventually anyway. This just forced it to be sooner.

Well, that definitely sounds like a big hassle, but I’m glad you’re doing OK, Doki.

I hope things settle down soon. :slight_smile:

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