Should I combine Q&A with Speculations?

When I was setting this forum up, I tried to think what categories would be the most useful for y’all. But in general having fewer categories is better than more categories—it keeps things simpler and makes things less overwhelming to new users.

So, I’m thinking I should combine the #questions-and-answers and the #speculations-and-musings categories into a single new category: Alex’s Comics.

That category would be a catch-all for any questions and topics about my comics that don’t make sense under the individual page updates. I’d just move over the current posts in Q&A and S&M to the new category.

Thoughts? Any objections?

Let me know! :slight_smile:


Combining the two makes sense.

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I have no objections. Merge 'em.

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At this point streamlining makes sense. You could always modify the categories again in the future if you saw a need to separate them.


Easiest on you. You have to keep track of this mess!


Thanks y’all for the good feedback. I’ve combined both of those categories into the single Alex’s Comics category. Done and done! :slight_smile: