Oglaf by Trudy and Doug

Hopefully most people already know about Oglaf at https://www.oglaf.com , a rather ribald webcomic about sex in all its forms. It’s set in a medieval fantasy world, and although there are recurring characters here and there, the normal format is a series of short stories about random people told in one to three pages. Usually there is explicit nudity (of all sexes) and/or sex shown, but sometimes not.

Expect extreme silliness. This webcomic has featured cumsprites (gloppy creatures made of ejaculate that jump and talk), the personification of allegory, dwarves that make really bad sex toys, and lots of other types of mindfux.

Some examples:

There’s a new comic every Sunday except between Christmas and New Year’s.


It is pretty silly. Disarmingly so.

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One year, I gave a relative the printed book of OGLAF and he foolishly let his wife read it. She burned it as Satanic and Sinful. I’m still laughing at the entire silliness of all that.
I look forward to the new comic every week to start my week and brighten the day.

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I haven’t read it in a while, but I definitely remember enjoying it. Very good stuff. :slight_smile:

Wow. Just wow.