Exorcism Academy by Asmodeus

One of my current other favourite gay webcomics is called Exorcism Academy by Asmodeus. The main characters are Ethan, a young gay exorcist, and Al, the collared demon he’s been partnered with. Exorcists are paired with demons to give them the Sight and to power their weapons in the fight against Lucifer. But Al isn’t the usual weak C-class demon. He’s a much older, more experienced, B-class demon. He’s also rude, horny for Ethan, and doesn’t like wearing pants.

They say that while demons can have sex, they can’t love; they’re physically incapable of love. But Al may prove to be an exception, somehow.

The comic has a racially and sexually diverse cast of characters. While the main focus is on gay male characters, straight, bi, and lesbian characters have also appeared. There is also explicit nudity and explicit sex depicted, positively and enthusiastically. Again, this is mostly between gay male characters, but explicit hetero sex has also appeared in this webcomic, just so you know.

Also, because the academy is fighting the forces of Lucifer, this is also, well, a war comic. So I must also warn you there there will be violence, blood, death, and monsters as well. It’s not just sexy times for our heroes. There will be pain and sadness.

Anyway, I currently really love the Exorcism Academy. I originally found it on tapas at https://tapas.io/series/Exorcism-Academy but the mature parts are censored or at least hidden unless you have an account there. I prefer instead to read it at the author’s own website: http://ea.asmodrawscomics.com/ . Let me know what you think.


That’s a great recommendation, David! I look forward to checking it out!

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Yes! Great recommendation, I love this one, too. :heart:


Thank you for the recommendation!

Gave it a try this afternoon, and read through the weapons assignment. It is no TYP, but definitely interesting enough to keep going. :sunglasses: