Elan Meets Rafa by themice

Elan Meets Rafa is a comic about two boys growing because of meeting each other. There is some homophobia and familial violence. Some shady characters and a good portion of the comic takes place in the seedy side of town. themice does really good close ups, specifically hands and eyes and also has music to play with certain pages.

Rafa and Elan met after Elan has been thrown out of the house by his father with only the clothes on his back and Rafa hits Elan with his car. No worries though! Elan walks away from it and it intrigues Rafa enough that he approaches Elan again the next time he sees him. Elan has no idea what he wants to do with himself / his future and Rafa sees himself as someone with no (good) future. These boys help each other grow and help them find the path to a better place.

It is completed and themice does have a write up for what happened with some of the characters.

Begin EMR here

Characters after the story start here.
If you go to the page before that, there is info on where you can get her EMR books.


Ooh - thank you for reminding me about this! I’d sort of drifted off reading it (and then forgot all about it… )