Discussion page updates (pages 47 and 54)

Is it preferred that meta-discussion about a discussion page happens on its own page or in this category, Site Feedback? I have two things to point out, but I wasn’t sure if it was best to post here or there.

  1. The community page The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 47 is still showing work-in-progress artwork, with colours but not the full colours. This is also true for the main website for the comic. Page 47’s final artwork has never been uploaded, as far as I can tell. This is the scene where it looks like Spooky is about to send a pair of green-construct daggers at a disbelieving Platinum Priestess.
  2. The community page The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 54 is showing the wrong artwork. It’s currently showing Page 53’s art again. Page 54 should show the page where the blood is splashing the bone artifact.

Please feel free to delete this post when it’s no longer relevant, needed, wanted, etc.

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I didn’t see the error unless I missed it?

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The best thing to do when you see a page that seems to not be updating properly is:
First: check it isn’t your cache not updating;
Second: If that doesn’t change anything, make a note of it here and it will get fixed.


I think #site-feedback is a good place to bring up a concern if it’s about multiple pages.

Yeah, it took a little while to get the final colors. Lots going on.

But we now have them in all their glory!

Good catch. Fixed!

Thank you for the helpful feedback!

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