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Here is where you can talk about the latest page updates of The Young Protectors webcomic.

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Every new comic page will have its own Topic created here (and cross-linked to the webcomic site.) Reply underneath that page’s Topic here in this Page Updates category just like you were commenting on the main site—only now with more power! :muscle:

(If you want to see the comic page bigger on this site so you can read it, just click on the image in the first post of the Topic. It will open in a lightbox.)

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Comments here will also be posted underneath the page on the webcomic site, so readers still on the original webcomic pages can read your comments, and then reply here, if they’d like.

This category is only for responding to webcomic updates

You won’t be able to create new Topics in this category—it’s just for commenting on specific pages of The Young Protectors comic. If you want to start a discussion with more general Young Protectors thoughts, please create a Topic in Speculations and Musings or Question and Answers.

An Upgrade from Disqus

In this category, talk about what you liked (or didn’t like) on a comic page and speculate with your fellow readers about what’s going to happen next, why a character made the choice they did, and what the heck is really going on!

Treat it just like our comments on the main site, only with a lot more features than what Disqus has offered.

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