About the Other Comics category

Here is where you can talk about other creators’ comics that feature LGBT heroes.

This is the place to cheer and recommend your favorite stories to fellow readers and explain why you like them. You should keep each Topic (and its replies) to one comic, and you should include the comic’s name in the title of the Topic.

Full Citizens Can Recommend New Comics

Everyone who is logged in can reply to an already created topic in this category, but you must have earned the Full Citizen Trust Level to create a new Topic. Basically, all users can chime in about an already posted comic, but only Full Citizens can recommend new comics. Being a committed member of this community has its privileges, and this is one of them.

(Wondering what the heck Trust Levels are? Check out this blog post. “Full Citizen” is Trust Level 2.)

Use A Tone of Respect

The same rules about using a tone of respect apply here as anywhere else on the site: keep the discussion respectful and thoughtful at all times, even if you don’t think the comic’s creator will ever read your words. (They very well might, though.)

Don’t post images you don’t personally own

Respect the copyright of other creators. Unless you own the rights, don’t post the image here.

Keep It About Comics

And please only recommend and discuss comics stories here (ideally LGBT comics and manga)—movies and TV shows get plenty of attention everywhere else on the Internets. :slight_smile:

(Non-comics topics can be discussed in the private True Fan Lounge category, open to community members who have earned trust level 3 [Superhero] and higher, and all Patrons.)

Have fun and let’s hear about other awesome comics with LGBT heroes!

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