About the Making Comics category

This is the place to talk about making comics, and how to make a living making comics.

When I was first starting out as a comic creator, I discovered The Engine, a forum for comics creators and aspiring comics creators created by writer Warren Ellis. While it only lasted for a couple years (Ellis closed it in 2007), I learned a ton of stuff about how to makes comics from the experienced (and successful) folks who so generously gave their time on that forum.

I’m certainly no Warren Ellis, but I’d like to be able to pay that forward to other aspiring comic creators if I can. So, I’ve created this category on our community here.

Do you want to know how to hire an artist? Write a script? Tell a story visually? Letter a word balloon? Launch a Kickstarter?

Do you want to talk about the pros and cons of offering 18+ content as a creator? How to find an audience? Work with a printer? Create a Facebook ad?

Do you want to help other comic creators succeed?

Here is where you can get into all that stuff. Talk to each other. Help each other out. And, as someone who makes his living in comics, I’ll try my best to answer questions here when I can.

All our usual rules about using a tone of respect apply in this category—and this category is only for discussing how to make comics and how to succeed at being a comic creator. (It’s not for talking about comics in general. We have another category for that.) But if you’re serious about making your own comics, ask your questions here and help each other out. :slight_smile:

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