The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Two—Page 36

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Well, that’s not good…


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So! Did this guy make Spooky’s attack just stop and then… disappear? And the chains around the minions too? Ummm. Flyboy seems too hurt to fight. And if Spooky can’t use magic against this guy, what can he use?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :grinning:

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That’s just too slick.
Gives me the “Worries” and “ewwwww’s” and “oh rats!” fee-fees all over (like goosebumps)


“If it is power you seek,” he said. Well, I think you found it.



Being able to dispel magic that easily suggests a lot of power. The #1 question is… where did that power come from?

In other words, is the Diamond Deacon demonic… or divine?


The invisibility screens are purple. To me they look much like the purple magic animating the corpses back in chapter one

though the dots are blue rather than white. They also look like Spooky’s diabolic magic (or whatever it was called). The red glow around the hands of the crazies is very like the red magic used to zap Flyboy. I don’t think he is on the side of the angles, white dress or no.


OH FASHIZZLE! “eep”. Now what deep doo doo is going to happen? Not sure how I will survive till the next page!

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I’m guessing a lot of the former since he freed those priests. Remember according to most bibles Satan is NOT a horned demon. He is a fallen angle and looks as good as any of them!

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Another name suggestion: the Poofter.

He does seem… confident.


A good question. :slight_smile:

And a good point. :slight_smile:

Another good point. :slight_smile:

So, what are our heroes’ options?

  • Spooky tries a different branch of magic (yellow energy, purple energy, potion bottles, incantations)?
  • Flyboy picks up the church off its foundations and flips it sideways?
  • Flyboy picks up the cannon like a baseball bat and whacks Deacon’s head with it?
  • Attack the artifact directly and ignore the people?
  • Escape (if they can)?
  • Call for help (somehow)?
  • Sweet talk their way out of this with pleasant conversation?
  • S-s-s-surrender?

Did I forget anything?


Oh, I did forget one:

  • Deus Ex Machina, studliest of the gods, arrives unexpectedly in all his hunktastic glory. Spooky and Mitch, instantly smitten, step forward to touch but Deacon pushes them away, saying “I didn’t make him for you!” Defeated, our heroes retreat to the nearest ice cream parlour and eat their weight in raspberry ripple and extra salty caramel ice cream.

Those do seem like good options. And fun for me to read. Not sure what to make of the Deus Ex Machina one. LOL. But surely, as a writer, I know that’s always an option. :wink:

I was referencing The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Frank N Furter says something similar to Janet when she seems too attracted to Rocky when she first meets him.

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Ah! Thank you for clarifying! It’s been a long time since I saw that!