The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Two—Page 33

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Spooky is always cooler.


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So! Spooky and Flyboy are now outnumbered! (And maybe have been all along!) Can Spooky fix this? (It sure looks like he’s doing something awesome in those last two panels!) And what’s going on with Flyboy’s arm?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :grinning:


No enemy is near Mitch. If they are in effect shooting at him, he is safer on the floor.


Invisibility? It looks more like they are being gated in. Even if what are stepping through are invisibility screens, how would a flat screen stop sound? And they are doing magic, all of them. It looks more and more as if someone we know is behind this.


You can’t imagine my momentary relieve :joy:
Hope it won’t be crushed next page though


Ok! Heart stopper relieved by cocky Spooky, he seems to be unconcerned. What’s up with Mitch’s arm? Also, little clue for us maybe is that this is in Spook’s past!


That’s a great pair of handcuffs, or reasonable facsimile


Spooky used Chain Whip! It’s Super-Effective!
But can you “fix” it fast enough? The thing about page-by-page is it’s easy to forget there’s actually a lot going on in battle scenes :sweat_smile:

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A fair point. :slight_smile:

I can see your point. But it really is meant to be invisibility, not gating in. When we have a moment, Adam and I might look into how to make that more clear visually.

Teen Spooky is too cool to crush.

What clue are you seeing there, William?

Do you mean the chains Spooky is creating?

Yes! :slight_smile:

Spooky tells us what it is. That should be enough, I would think.

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Thank you, Klaus. We will see if others are confused. Spooky does say what’s going on, but this is Teen Spooky, not all readers might believe he’s correct in his assessment here. Especially since we did see lots of The Platinum Priestess in the last chapter.

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The clue? It is the church they revisit is it not? The one that shows a blown out roof and inverted cross in the “future”?

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Ah. Well the church from Chapter One was in the woods of Oregon. We’re still in Bay City. But I suppose anything is possible.

Ah. I could be wrong, however! The “artifact” is here too! The source of all this mess!

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