The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Two—Page 30

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Puny cannon.


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So! Spooky finally gets to blow off a little steam—by smashing a cannon to pieces! What will the robed magic user have to say about that? Is defeating them just that easy? And if so, will Spooky finally be able to reunite Ambrosia with her beloved brother?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :grinning:

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I guess that cannon was… derailed.

:sunglasses: YEAHHH!!!

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That’s no guy!

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Follow my lead? What? With a broom? That’s a chick baby!

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Then who is it? :slight_smile:

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She’s wearing high heels, too

edit: WAIT! my bifocals are magically malfunctioning about high heels but that definitely isn’t a guy, definitely and defiantly not a guy


Spooks: Follow my lead! proceeds with maximum pwnage
uhhhh what’s next exactly? well she’s-- i mean?? i dunno but i think???-- she’s only pinned by the badass laser not knocked out, it seems, so maybe Mitch will follow up with something to prevent escape/use of baddie magic.
although. you’d think with decent magic skills one wouldn’t need an entire cannon as backup… i am but a muggle, however.


LOL! I caught the face and missed the bloody shoes!

Surprising how selective that green beam was, eh? Cannon go “boom”. Woman? Oh hell no. You need to drop her in the sun for that! Nothing else is strong enough!


I’m guessing this woman is a completely new character who was setting a trap for someone else. Since the brother and the girl aren’t here, hopefully our heroes will remember to ask this woman (with all due politeness) where they might be. Could be yet another church but I see no reason (as yet) why crazy schemes have to be at a church. They might instead be in a deserted amusement park, or a spooky swamp, or in a tapped-out gold mine, of in a haunted Victorian mansion, or any number of other locations where Scooby and the gang try to solve a mystery.

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It is a… curious choice, no?

Teen Spooky doesn’t have all the control. But he does have some extraordinary control…

Interesting. :slight_smile: We shall soon see…