The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Two—Page 14

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Meanwhile, in the original timeline…


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So! Let’s reveal a couple background facts:

  • Flyboy has been to Spooky’s office more than once. (In fact, he picked Spooky up there just before the third page ofChapter 3 of “Engaging the Enemy!”)
  • Up to this point, Spooky has never had a client visit his office after business hours

What does this all mean? Will Flyboy be caught in his lie? Who is this client? Is she trouble? And will Spooky really kick her to the curb?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :grinning:

Now who do we think this lady in waiting is?
She walks through Spooky’s “confusion spell” (can I just call it Confundus and not be yelled at)* …
If so, this is going to be one convoluted extravaganza of memories and things will never be “The Way They Were” (musical reference only, not the movie)
added: and not the current Cats movie, not a chance

Alex wouldn’t do the obvious, would he now? Except now and then as a surprise.

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Snooty trouble? Sounds likes Sircea. :sunglasses:

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I wonder why she would be a good girl and wait in his office though, she should have other means to find him :joy:

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The Platinum Priestess waits for no man. Or boy.

THIS exactly :joy:

Then again I don’t know who else it could be… I don’t think Amanda would make such a fuss and with that being said I’m already out of ideas for the moment :sweat_smile:

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Or cappuccino, as several baristas have learned to their detriment.

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If it IS her (until we see Ms. Van Dumas, one cannot be certain) it is possible that this is the first time Spookid has met her, and she’s playing it cool so as to not put him on guard.

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Well, I have no good ideas who is waiting to see Spooky. If we’re ruling out both Sircea and Amanda, it’s probably a new character. The most likely sort of person to be reading a student newspaper is going to be a student of staff member of that school. And anyone that can do a confusion number on the cops has either magical or mental abilities. And “snooty” implies a rich or otherwise-privileged person.

Together that suggests a young superhero, like an intern of a local Ex-Team. Or it could be an innocent young woman enchanted by Sircea to do her bidding, like a magical slave. Or maybe it’s an unknown daughter of Velliok making a visit. So many possibilities for who it is. Why she’s there, I can’t even make a decent guess at all yet.

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living for Spooky’s and Cassidy’s expressions in the last panel for some reason


That is well-reasoned, Nate.

Also well-reasoned. As are your other suggestions. :slight_smile: