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It’s nice to be appreciated.

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So! The Man’s flying saucer attack didn’t even slow Flyboy down! He’s almost up to Daniela!

Will our heroes finally be able to save this little girl and get out of here? Does The Man have any more tricks up his sleeve? And exactly how dizzy do you think Flyboy is right now?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


Flyboy must have practised this. He knows how to avoid becomming dizzy. He is probably using the same trick ballet dancers use.


Actually, given his background, I could easily see Mitch having done ballet.

(And drooling slightly over his fellow dancers. :wink: )


Of course Mitch is clever! I guess Shady doesn’t read the comment section…


I do not accept your appreciation, SIR
“hold the phone” made me laugh for some reason. other than that oof biting my nails again

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I’m now beginning to think that Shades is gay or bi, with all his comments about Mitch being ‘pretty’.

I am very concerned that Shades doesn’t seem the least bit unfazed or worried about losing this battle. His cool confidence is rather alarming, like he’s playing a chess game and doesn’t mind at all if he loses a few pieces along the way to victory. He even seems to enjoy being opposed. Someone should introduce him to Magic: The Gathering; he’d probably like it.

I wonder why Shades says he needs Daniela. Up until recently, I assumed his only immediate goal was to capture Spooky for some unknown reason and that Daniela was only kidnapped to act as bait. But if he needs her for some other reason… hmmmm… We never did find out exactly what the Platinum Priestess was up to in the Oregon graveyard. If we knew more about what she was trying to accomplish with that ritual, we might have a better idea what Shades is trying to accomplish with Daniela. Maybe.


So I don’t know if this has been discussed, as I usually only rarely venture into the comment section when I have a thought, theory, or snarky remark to make but what if Shades is the brother? I went back and looked and it doesn’t look like the picture Ambrosia showed Spooky but could’ve changed it since the picture was taken. And maybe that’s the reason Daniela doesn’t want to go with them. Ambrosia did say she was sweet on Teddy (as much as an 8 year old can be).

Now you’ve got me curious what that trick is, Klaus. :slight_smile:

Everyone should read the Comment Section, Nate. :slight_smile:

It cracks me up, too, Julia. :slight_smile:

I think you have a good sense of who Shades is, David.

Maybe. :slight_smile:

Welcome back, Lilly! I think only one other reader has put forward that theory and only in a single comment. So there is certainly plenty of room left for discussion.

While your body turns at a constant rate, you keep your head still most of the time. Fix your gaze at some point. When necessary, quickly turn your head as far as you can, and fix your gaze on a new point. I would imagine that this would be easier when doing pirouettes in place than when moving at speed.

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Or maybe he spied on them last night. That bust did glow in Shady’s signature violet color.

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Thank you for the ballet education, Klaus. Good to know!

(And good speculation in your 2nd post. :wink: )