The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Three—Page 87

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“Really! Truly! Pay no attention to my dark-colored hat!”

Please note: These are work-in-progress colors. Vero should get me the final colors soon.


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So! Spooky tries to slow Daniela’s roll with an adorable, giant teddy bear! But she’s not having it! In fact, it only made her run away from him faster!

Will Spooky be able to catch up with her before The Man catches up with him? And if our wizard boy does get to Daniela in time, how will he convince her that he really is one of the good guys?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

OH! And most importantly, the Patrons have spoken and we have a name for the dragon: Fluffy the Fierce! Hear that name and tremble, evildoers!

(Sure, Fluffy might have been knocked for a loop for the moment. But do you think that’s really the last time we’re going to see him? I mean, really? 😉 )


This strange man comes and claims to be her friend. He even offers her a teddy bear.
To Daniellla Spooky would be a man.


Clearly, Daniela was severely traumatized by Care Bears as a toddler…

“Mommy! It’s STARING at me!”

(At least he didn’t try a clown.)

Well, when you put it that way… :wink:

Weren’t we all?


Oopsie doopsie? shrug emoji how to “catch” her without making the situation worse… and also it’s been a few pages since we saw Mitch :open_mouth: but I will try not to be concerned, one page at a time here
(meanwhile don’t think I didn’t notice that Fluffy only got tied up, not unignorably dead…ed. i have hoooooope!!!)

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So long as Spooky can move, there’s always hope. And we will be seeing Flyboy very soon! :slight_smile: