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So! Not only are our heroes and the imps trapped, but there’s that cannon again! And that weird cannon ball just busted right through Spooky’s shield!

Will Teen Spooky and Amanda be able to get out of the way? If not, is Flyboy recovered enough to save them? And even if he does, how are they going to get free of this “runic flypaper”?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


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We can only hope that Amanda can take out the cannon crew.


It occurs to me that the cannon & ammo might be enchanted, but I bet the ride isn’t.

Spooky? Take 'em for a spin. :smirk:


uhhh, “duck” is not just a suggestion!

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:musical_note: The cannon came back, the very next day
:musical_note: The cannon came back, you thought it was in pieces
:musical_note: But the cannon came back, it just couldn’t stay awaaaay…

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okay, no shocks, just stuck, still sucks~
and now we’ve got rubbery-looking cannonballs on the way! how rude!!

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Fingers crossed!

Now, there’s a good idea. Will it occur to Teen Spooky, though?


Now that song is in my head…