The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Three—Page 63

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Time to uplevel.


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So! Spooky’s magic is useless against those shields. Luckily, Amanda has a few tricks of her own!

Will she be able to brain fry all of the evil magic users before they get to Mitch? And is there anything Teen Spooky can do to help?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :smiley:

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Has Amanda studied the ancient art of Tae Kwon Leap?

Or just read the biography of that hero of the Old West, El Kabong?

Hummmm. Not “immune” just shielded. This is a plot point for Spooks to kick butt. The dude survived hell as a teen, these guys really shouldn’t be a challenge.

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Spooky has several options, I think. At the very least, a barrage of green energy attacks is a distraction. Even if you have a magical purple shield, you could still be startled by whirling green buzzsaws, swarms of green bees, falling green anvils, and product placements for green eggs and ham.

Then there’s the indirect attacks, where he might scoop up other things lying around and hurl them at the cultists. Possibly he has a bottle of demon snakes to entangle them, or a portable hole for them to fall into.

Regardless, while it’s great that Amanda’s attacks land, we can’t expect success in this mission with just her attacks alone.

Any chance we can call in Tsunami? There’s all that lovely bay water on the other side of the park just waiting to be used.


Re page 62: …at least the baddies kindly removed the barrier?
As for this one I’m half “OH NO WE’RE IN TROUBLE” and half “GO AMANDA GOOOOOOOO”

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A fair assessment.

Ha! Green eggs and ham! I think you have a good sense of how Spooky likes to use his magic. :slight_smile:

He would definitely be handy in this location.

Go, Amanda! :slight_smile:

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