The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Three—Page 6

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Uhhh… What the heck just happened?!


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So! The pain has gotten so bad that Flyboy is barely able to move his arm. But he’s a hero—so, through sheer force of will, he commands it to try to grip Spooky’s noose, to try to get him free. And then there’s a huge explosion!

What does that mean? Was Flyboy able to get the noose off? Are they hurt? How far will they be pushed apart? And will Flyboy be able to get to Spooky before his new friend goes splat?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :grinning:


This reminds me of Denmark’s song the year we returned to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Uh. What the hell? Atomic clash magic bomb? Will our intrepid heroes survive? Will Flyboy recover in time to save Spook’s from horrid death from falling from this height? Tune in next Young Protectors Day, Young Protector’s Channel!

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What the heck? Are those spells like the opposite sides of a magnet? I hope our Boys are fine and that Mitch can catch Spooky in time :scream:

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The colors are magnificent


The good news is that Mitch’s arm has stopped glowing. Presumably, the noose around Spooky’s neck has also stopped glowing, but Spooky’s too far from us in the final panel to be completely certain of that.

Are they both still conscious? Hopefully at least one of them are so they can save themselves from going splat against the ground. Spooky can’t fly, but if he’s awake, he could lasso Mitch with a verdant rope and make a green parachute or handglider or big big cushion to break their fall.

I also have to wonder if this is a mere explosion that will dissipate or if something new has been created in the middle of the sky. We might have a flying ball of chaotic magical energy or a rip in the sky to deal with on top of everything else.


mmmMMMnope, still doesn’t make sense. that’s okay the pertinent point is it’s bad

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All good questions, William! :slight_smile:

Another good question. :slight_smile:

I very much agree, Dave. Vero really outdid herself here.

Now that’s a fun idea, David. Something to give ExSec a few sleepless nights…

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