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So! The Gate closed before Flyboy could get through. After Spooky got just stabbed in the back. By a horde of zombies. Leaving him completely helpless and on his own.

What do you think Flyboy is feeling right now? What will he do? What can he do?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :smiley:

bronakopdin totally called it.


It’s OK, Mitch. You are travelling forward in time at a rate of one second per second. You will get there eventually. Just be sure to memorise the time and date, so that you can arrive just in time.

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I really wish I didn’t though :sob:

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So they’re time travelling with the portals… Though with PP getting off elsewhere also locations? Or both at the same time? This is seriously awful though, was that a dead Spooky on the last page? :sob:
The hat over his face makes me think so :cry::scream:
You can’t do this Alex… you can’t…

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Unless, of course, Mitch actually went to the future, and that’s an older Spooky taking a nap while he waits for him to show up. :slight_smile:

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UH, lost? What is going on, what does he see? I am totally lost at this point! I truly hope some of the speculations are totally correct and that Mitch can save Spooks! No true “death of Spooky Jones”. NO, not allowed!

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Flyboy finds out on the very next page…

Everything I do is because I love you.

Hmmmm… :slight_smile:

Finally, I guessed something right, but probably the most obvious thing ever: that the portal would close before Mitch could fly back through it.

I continue to think this is time travel and Mitch has gone but a few years into the past, and I guess we’ll finally get to see that Cassidy person that works with Spooky back in his office.

And this opens up huge amounts of possibilities. In this time period, The Young Protectors probably don’t even exist as a team, but everyone is still around somewhere, including a young Mitch (maybe during his time with the Connecticut Cavaliers), older Annihilator, older Platinum Priestess, Ex-Sec, and most of the adult heroes since the Crisis of Colliding Trans-World Identities probably hasn’t started yet. Unfortunately, this is still after the Grey Working, since Spooky is tracking down a crazy, so no sane magic users to help. The Kontari asset that helped make the power dampeners will still be alive, but he might not even be on Earth yet.

I imagine Mitch will try to keep a low profile in a time period he doesn’t belong in, passing himself off as his younger self when absolutely necessary, but the temptation to change select parts of the future may also seem irresistible once he fully realizes his situation.

And it seems more likely than ever that Spooky’s (and Cassidy’s) amnesia regarding his Oregon case is something Spooky did himself to deliberately forget any future stuff they learned from Mitch.

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I really like how you’re thinking about this, David. And I’m very impressed with your command of The Young Protectors world history.

While I don’t want to give away any spoilers, I will say that all those possibilities would be indeed be fun to explore. For all of us. :wink:

I have never been happier being a page behind, that last panel is terrifying >_<

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And now the payoff on the next page is posted in full-color!