The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 61

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The Platinum Priestess sure knows how to make an exit…


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Let us hope that PP’s parting spell was only to get a gate to where she wanted to go. Though would she need blood magic for that? On the other hand, it was not much blood.

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Had to look this one up “Vivat nostra sint” this is what Spook’s needs. Latin for may god save us all. I think. I am trusting general translations here! If she can use fancy Latin lookin’ words, so can he!

That’s a good question. She seems to use her staff to open Gates, but is it an essential tool for her?

We haven’t seen him do much with magical words, now, have we?

Look through the portal that she escapes through

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hm. I don’t think that PP has gone back in time to visit a younger Kyle and his foster sister, if that’s what you’re thinking. For one, we’ve seen in flashback that his foster sister is a brunette and the girl in the portal is blonde. For another, the older Kyle really only knew of the Platinum Priestess by her reputation and Spooky’s stories about her. Surely if he’d met her as a kid, he’d remember a woman in an outfit like that.


I hadn’t thought of that. That’s a much more complex plot than I had in mind.

I was wandering off in simple ideas like she’s found two more child sacrifices to use in her nefarious schemes.

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I still don’t know what the Priestess’ nekroto spell did, but I can see that Spooky’s green castings aren’t touching the portals at all. If Spooky can’t fix the Sphere alone, our best options may be either to get aid from a crazy (assuming any are still alive), Fluke (who might help set things right via ridiculous good luck), or Spooky risking blood magic himself.


Oh. Well, let’s hope she doesn’t do that. I assume the scene was just something that clearly showed she was somewhere safe and normal. I imagine her immediate scheme will be to recover or re-make her staff, and I suppose she’ll head to one of her holdings around the world to do that. I assume she won’t worry all that much about healing herself since I suspect that’ll happen on its own, thanks to her and Duncan’s prior pact with Laampros.

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Now that you say that. . . “crap” indeed. Spooks may well outclass her. She is “the ancient” he is “hellborn” of a sort. He uses artifacts for specific purposes, she uses them as seats of power. Hummm. Things to think about.

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Not Antarctica then. Somewhere more populated. Crudmuffins. now whaaaaaaaat ∴(O艸O★)

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Perfectly setting up my Mary Poppins homage.

Well reasoned, And you are right. She has not.

Quite possibly. It will certainly be on Spooky’s mind.

Which do you think is the most likely?

Also well-reasoned. :slight_smile:

I’m not particularly hopeful that any of those three approaches would work. A crazy won’t have the inclination to help and probably doesn’t have the knowledge either. Fluke’s too far away still. And Spooky is highly unlikely to use blood magic except in unusually dire and personal circumstances, and I don’t think this qualifies.

I think there’s gotta be another option. Maybe there’s a infernus ex machina where Velliok shows up, impatient with the delays, and just turns the artifact off and on again to reboot it. Maybe one of the adult teams might deign to show up to help, now that the Platinum Priestess has made her exit.

Right now, it seems the most likely course of action is the artifact doesn’t get fixed and, if the graveyard suddenly erupts with zombies as I suspect… well, everyone starts a game of shooting baskets. Throw a zombie into a portal to close it. Repeat until all the portals are gone. Use one problem to solve another.

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Death has been known to quote Mary Poppins. (In The Sound of Her Wings)

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“Infernus ex machina.” I like that.

And so would Velliok…

And I like that solution even more. If the Gates work that way…

I loved that Gaiman character so much.