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I don’t want to be the one to tell them, but didn’t Flyboy say the same thing, like, two seconds ago?

Please note: These are work-in-progress colors. Vero should get me the final colors soon.

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So! Our Flyboy isn’t doing so great! But Amanda and Teen Spooky seem to be holding their own. For now.

But how long can that last?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀



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That is not smart! They are each fighting their own copy. Just what they planned not to do.


Is it me, or does the Spook v Spook fight come across as a little Scott Pilgrim? :wink:


sorry, been out of it. depression sucks

Ok, uh, is that the original Spooks that is grinning like a madman? If so, uh, freakout time! Looks like he is having fun (glub,glub)

Drat. So much for the emergency air bubble idea. Mitch, have you learned about adding vectors in math class yet? If you were going a different direction and speed from Anti-Mitch, wouldn’t you both go in the direction and speed of the sum of your vectors?

Also, this has nothing to do with anything, but I just realized that another reason I love seeing random birds in the backgrounds of the page is that they help sell the perspective of the shot, showing scale and distance and all that fun stuff that makes a flat image three-dimensional.

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Totally agree. Amanda needs to knock out Bizzaro Spooky while he’s busy with Spooky so they can move on and team up.

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